History of Driscoll Cattle Compay

 Driscoll Cattle Company is steeped with tradition and it is not something we take lightly. In 1957 Warren Hannah, my grandfather purchased his first Charolais bull to breed to his Hereford cows. Never before has there been a cross that provided so much "extra" weight for doing nothing but cross breeding. Warren was sold on the effects of "crossbreeding", a practice that was looked down upon at the time. Warren gradually worked his Charolais herd into one of the most prominent Purebred herds in the nation. In the late '60's there were no other females that were more sought after than the ones with the HCR prefix. One of the first foundation Sires that shows the emphasis on carcass traits in the herd was Sir Tam 605, the very first certified meat sire of any breed in our state and one of the few nationwide. Later came the great herd sire Mr. Hannah 2004, sire of impeccable females and show winning steers across the nation. To complete the trifecta was Facco C09  the first Full French Herdsire in the state of South Dakota. From these genetics came the base of our herd. Every female in the herd goes back to at least one of these legendary bulls.  

History of Driscoll Cattle Company

Warren Hannah

Grandfather Warren Hannah

 Warren Hannah a true pioneer of the breed was inducted into the AICA hall of fame in 2005. There isn't a herd of cows in the United States that has a history as deep as this one. For 60 years we have been staying the course and producing Bulls that make the commercial cattleman money.  

The Legacy of Charolais Cattle


 Sir Tam 605 the first certified meat sire of any breed in the state of South Dakota  


 Mr. Hannah 2004 sire of numerous champions in the late '60's and '70's 


 Facco C09 1465-67 the first Full French herd sire in the state of South Dakota  


 1968 Sioux Empire Farm Show Grand Champion - Daughter of Mr Hannah 2004 


 1972 Black Hills Stock Show Reserve Champion - Daughter of Facco C09 


 1999 South Dakota State Fair Junior Champion - Daughter of CCR Connection 


2004 Watertown Winter Farm Show Reserve ChampionDaughter of DCC Facco 007. 


 2005 Sioux Empire Farm Show Reserve Champion Female -Daughter of LHD Big Montana 1188 


2016 Watertown Winter Farm Show Grand Champion Female - Daughter of DCC Dakota Wind 248 


 1968 Sioux Empire Farm Show Grand Champion - Daughter of Mr Hannah 2004